Ain’t No Party Like A Neighborhood Party

I am a self-identified Suburban Princess and I adore all things that allow me to maintain my status as a full-time working, home-owning, wife, mom and 80’s sitcom emulator. I know it’s ridiculous, but that’s how I grew up and I’ll be damned if my little girl isn’t going to have the best I can give her. Hubs and I have been knocked down so many times we perpetually wait for the other shoe to drop.  We keep on recovering though and this past weekend all our struggles were given a holiday. For those of you who choke on anything remotely suburban or Stepford-esque, consider this your trigger warning.

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Removable Sticker Pad Princess Cover

The Gifts We Give

People love to bring things for Miss O when they visit and she relishes every opportunity to rip paper from boxes and toss tissue in the air with wild abandon. She now understands that receiving gifts is part of the standard ritual for being in her presence and now welcomes everyone into out home with a heartfelt, “Surprise for ME?!”

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Raise the Roof

While we were away for our fabulous all daycare expenses paid family vacation, construction on our neighbor’s house began. They are adding a second floor, finishing their basement and doing a complete gut and renovation of the main floor. The contractors are very nice, work from about 8 AM to 4 PM and their job site is extremely organized. Every time I look out our window, I see progress.   This, of course, causes me extremely undue stress. It is absolutely maddening. Continue reading

mall Target store

Target Wins

I sadly only made it to day three in my experiment to go out into the world sans makeup. I was on a good run, until Target brought me to my knees. The thought of cruising the aisles and facing the judging eyes of all those strangers was just too much for me. It doesn’t help that this particular Target is attached to one of the larger shopping malls in our area and I needed to go to more than Target that day, namely Sephora, and I don’t dare set foot in there wearing anything less than primer on my worst day. Continue reading