Therapy sign

How To Start Letting Go

I have clearly been holding quite a lot in for quite a long time. I realized this when I caught myself bawling uncontrollably while listening to “Let It Go” from a little movie called “Frozen.”

What the hell is wrong with me?!?

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The Great Coffee Debate

Yesterday my boss traveled back in time to 1940. It’s the only explanation for why what went down in the office yesterday could possibly happen. I’m all for time travel and I often daydream about what era I should have been born in. Hint: not the one with no indoor plumbing or hairdryers. So I really should have been giddy as all hell when I found myself face to face with a time traveler. Sadly, my reaction was anything but giddy. You see friends, this time traveler wanted coffee and he wanted me to get it.

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Salmon Noodles lo mien asian dish

How I Conquered Lo Mein

Last night I achieved what I thought was only possible in my wildest dreams.  I conquered this Real Simple recipe.  I am a bona fide noodle fiend, so when I saw a salmon lo mein recipe in the January 2015 issue of the magazine, I knew it would be mine.  I have never successfully made my own Asian food, unless it’s a starter kit out of the frozen section and let’s face it, that is not what we’d call cooking.  Usually, it ends up being overcooked stir fry, which is not my favorite by any stretch, or it’s a sad, bland substitute of the real thing and I immediately wish I had conned Hubs into ordering takeaway instead.

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Snow New England snowy blizzard

Happy Snowy Birthday to Me

The morning of my birthday I woke up to swirling clouds of tiny white flakes against the soft yellow glow of the street light across our street.  It was beautiful.  I now know where the cliched image of blanketed with new fallen snow comes from and it is as peaceful as it sounds.  I also now know what it looks like snow up.  That’s right folks, Mama got a blizzard for her birthday. Continue reading