Epic Toddler Sad Face tantrum

The Sins of Our Past: My Mother’s Curse is Alive and Well in My Toddler

Toddler girls have a special ability to take your heart in their tiny little hands, squeeze every last ounce of love out of it then hand it back to you expecting you to love them like your heart was whole again and you hadn’t lost a drop.  My daughter is no exception.  My greatest fear is that my mother’s curse has indeed come to life in the deep blue eyes of my greatest love.

“I hope you have one just like you.”

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Sweet Briar College Save Sweet Briar Campus

Simply Sweet Briar

Since it was recently announced that my alma mater, Sweet Briar College, intends to close it’s doors at the end of the current semester, alumnae have rallied to save the school, many of them sharing their personal stories of why they chose to attend Sweet Briar and what Sweet Briar did for them. There are so many inspiring stories from former and current students, parents, professors and friends of the college. The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming and in many ways apparently long overdue.

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What I owe

A beautiful expression of love for a dear friend, Sweet Briar College. We are all Sisters, and we do not all look alike, nor do we think alike. That’s one of her charms and challenges. My eyes were opened as much as anyone else’s while there and I can’t think of a safer place to learn who you really are. They can’t take that from us. We will not give away an opportunity for women or their futures and we sure as hell will not go down without a fight.

She who sleeps

You may well be wondering what the hell happened this week. Where are the promised blog posts here and on Dead White Guys and The Girl Who Loved Zombies and Tate Street High Society? Where are my thoughts about Ferguson or the Keystone Pipeline or the series finale of Agent Carter?

Or maybe you know.

Monday was my 28th birthday and it was in many respects both ordinary and excellent. I had a great day and I looked forward to celebrating more with friends this weekend. More than that, I felt optimistic about life. It felt like everything was looking up. I had a great job interview that afternoon. It seemed like many of my projects were falling into place. I was about to write a post for this blog, in fact, about optimism and another about the book club I’m starting with my friend, Kelly.

I made these…

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