Cheese board grapes dried fruit hors d'ouvres

Forget About Perfect Cheese Boards

I seriously just read the headline of a suggested post entitled “How to Assemble the Perfect Fall Cheese Board” and I honestly think I broke my eyeballs rolling them so hard. Clearly my blog interests are varied and strange, and I do love me some cheese, but that aggregator has no idea who I really am. My interest in assembling the perfect fall cheeseboard begins at cheese and ends with consuming the aforementioned cheese.

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Parents Night Out Suburban Jackpot

Say it again, please?! “Parent’s Night Out”

One of the greatest phrases in my life is “Parent’s Night Out.” All of the words in the world in any combination of positive expression will never accurately explain the euphoria I feel when these words appear in my email. For why, you ask, do I have such joy when surely I must have these nights all the time?!

Not so, my friends. Not so.

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Apple Orchard, Apple tree apple picking

How do yah like them apples?

It’s fall in New England and for us that means it’s obligatory apple picking season. It’s also tourists getting in my way driving super slow so they can take in the gorgeous foliage along 95 season, but I digress. We live in Massachusetts and apparently it’s the law here that once the temperature drops below 70 degrees you must participate in the mass harvesting of other people’s fruit. I have not yet met anyone up here that hasn’t done their part in gleaning all that New England’s many orchards has to offer.

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Organic vegetable garden

Quick Tip: Tomato Edition

A couple of weekends ago, we visited my sister-in-law and brother-in-law for a playdate with my nephew Mr. A. They have a million miles of land just north of metrowest Boston with wildflowers and a path down to the creek just out back, so I can pretend it’s the country. It also means they can do things I’ve been wanting to do for years, but may never have the time or the physical space to attempt. One of those things is a lovely little organic veggie garden. They grow corn, bell peppers, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, watermelon, beefsteak tomatoes, indigo rose hybrid tomatoes and Italian sweet peppers.

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