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Say it again, please?! “Parent’s Night Out”

One of the greatest phrases in my life is “Parent’s Night Out.” All of the words in the world in any combination of positive expression will never accurately explain the euphoria I feel when these words appear in my email. For why, you ask, do I have such joy when surely I must have these nights all the time?!

Not so, my friends. Not so.

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Babysitters Club Books

You didn’t hear this from me…

Ever since we began the search for a babysitter, this is how the few leads we’ve gotten are delivered. Hushed tones, eyes darting around like there’s some ninja babysitter network assassin hiding around every corner, waiting for you to share that name before you’re finished using them.

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Annual “Vacation”

Work/Life balance is something we all struggle with, especially when it comes to using the vacation time we work so hard to accrue. For us, this decision has been made far easier lately.

Miss O’s daycare closes every year for one week in July for vacation. This is now the third year we have had to take vacation days from work to cover…I mean, gotten to take vacation to spend time with her. My favorite part of this is the dialogue this inspires. Continue reading