Epic Toddler Sad Face tantrum

The Sins of Our Past: My Mother’s Curse is Alive and Well in My Toddler

Toddler girls have a special ability to take your heart in their tiny little hands, squeeze every last ounce of love out of it then hand it back to you expecting you to love them like your heart was whole again and you hadn’t lost a drop.  My daughter is no exception.  My greatest fear is that my mother’s curse has indeed come to life in the deep blue eyes of my greatest love.

“I hope you have one just like you.”

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crying sad monster robot

I need a tissue for my feelings.

“I need a tissue for my feelings.” These are the words my almost two and half year-old daughter sniffed as she struggled to stop crying one night. Hubs and I can’t remember what the cause of her tears was, probably because our hearts were so busy melting our brains were focused on keeping us together enough to grant her simple request. My heart broke for my daughter, not only because of the words she used, but because of the weight of her acknowledgement that she has feelings and knows she must manage them. Somehow the depth of that statement coming from her little voice was more than I could handle.

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