Walt Disney World Disney Springs Shopping Dining

Discovering Disney Springs

For our first family trip to Disney, we were lucky to get non-stop flights from Boston to Orlando at pretty reasonable times. That meant we could have breakfast and surprise Miss O with the trip in the morning and be on Disney property by that afternoon. It also meant we could spend most of Saturday doing Disney things before our flight left. It did not mean we would have enough time or energy for a park on either day and didn’t want to waste a park ticket on a partial day. This is where Disney Springs, a big open-air mall area with dining, shopping and entertainment becomes and excellent, ticket-free place to spend time.

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Cyber Monday

How Cyber-Monday Scoffs at my American Dream

Cyber Monday is one of those things that smacks me firmly in the face and shouts, “You are so close!” every year. Having just checked out of an emotional visit with family and a sobering look at what the holidays really can do to people with or without family to visit, (way more on that in another post), we attempt to return to our every day lives ushered on by a tsunami of email and ads promising huge savings coupled with the thrill of convenience. In the past, I have basically finished my holiday shopping by now and that was even before the advent of cyber-anything. I have seriously scored some pretty great deals on previous clicking sprees. Now it only serves to remind me what I don’t have and taunts me mercilessly as a missed opportunity.

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