red and white Wine glass rainbow

Seriously, where is my Whine?

Last night I was introduced to the amazingness of BuzzFeed’s Whine About It.  It’s a lovely little no frills, low key, weekly video bit done by staff writer Matt Bellassai and it’s all I am right now.  Why?  Because I needed that little burst of Whine and I definitely need it to be about all this Adulting I am finding so hard to do right now.

You will watch this on BuzzFeed NOW.


So while Matt gets to sit in the BuzzFeed office and take on a glass of red like a champ I would’ve run with in college in a heartbeat, I sit in mine and lament the SIGNIFICANT lack of wine with which to deal with my problems, most of which stem from work anyway, so really, it would be like an employee benefit to have a bottle lying around every now and then.

I gather Mr. Bellassai is the ripe old age of 20-something and I can honestly say it does not get one bit better, my new internets friend. In fact, I have cried at my desk at least three times already today and it’s only noon. I feel you on every bit of your pain though. Wait until you do get that other life you’re responsible for.  You’ll be amazed you don’t have to get a license to take care of it or at least pass some sort of test.  I frequently experience shock over my ability to not only dress myself (check), but dress my child (check) and make lunch for me (check), Hubs (check) and the aforementioned child (double check). That’s a day that I am straight up ON FIRE.

I must go back to pretending not to sob at my desk for the next four hours, but I needed to spread the sheer joy I had last night watching you whine for so many of us who can’t professionally whine on our own. Thanks for taking one for the team.

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