fabric swatches

Handmade Holidays…make it sew Etsy!!

I am a fabric addict. Prints and textures call out to me begging me to create something fabulous with them. I tend to lean toward practical, but I do love a good dose of whimsy. I long to sit in my house and just make wonderful silly things I find on Pinterest. I blame my mother. She will tell you this is no surprise…the blaming part, not the addiction part.

It is her fault though.  She got me hooked with all her handmade Halloween costumes. My mother wouldn’t dare buy something from a store and she put her heart into every stitch. I grew up thinking two months lead time and several fittings was the proper, if not ONLY, way to prepare for Halloween.

Now it takes a hold of me, right when the air starts getting crisp and people start picking their apple orchard. I develop a burning need to get my creativity on and get consumed with designing the perfect costume. Now it’s even more fun with Miss O, although I didn’t accurately figure her preferences into my master plan. It’s still fun figuring out how to build a family costume around her pick, but I have got to stop letting her assign our costumes, too.

Tangled Family

Now that Halloween is over, I’ve noticed it’s harder to calm the creative side of me. I have clearly been away from my sewing machine too long because I am dying to go through my fabric stash again and see what I might be able to create. That’s how I ended up designing and sewing organic cotton mesh bags for everyone one year. So handy for veggies at farmer’s markets or, as my mother uses them, for washing lingerie! The following year I made organic fleece shoe bags – so soft! I’ve even made some holiday décor and ornaments. This year it might be sunglass/eyeglass cases. I have no idea, but I think this year it’s going to be another handmade holiday!

What’s that? You think those sound awesome and want one for yourself or know someone else who might want one?

Well it’s your lucky day because I have just relaunched my Etsy shop!

Etsy Shop Screen Shot

Now I can’t stop thinking of what I love to make for my friends and family. I think some napkin sets or placemats may be on the horizon soon.  Maybe I’ll go really crazy and do some zippered bags or finally make some of my organizing templates to share. So. Many. Ideas.

For now, you can find a few mesh bags, which are also great for corralling beach toys without bringing home all the sand, a few shoe bags for those of you who travel or know folks who live out of their suitcases.  The glasses cases are just fun for anyone.  My mom likes hers because she says she can find it easily in her handbag and that statement is no joke, y’all.

Take a peek and see what you think. Maybe you can have a handmade holiday, too!

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