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39 Silver Linings

Turning 39 went better than I thought it would. Turning 40 may very well bring about the end of days, drowning out all light and hope, but we’ve got a while before that happens so we’re ok. I even got some Hawaiian pizza and carrot cake, so really, what’s to complain about?

Now that I’m in a certain age group, but not yet “of a certain age,” finding the silver lining in things is much easier than it used to be. I envied people who could so easily spot it. Those friends who are always quick with the offer of why this horrible situation is not exactly as it may seem. I think I needed to see more personal hardship and log a few more years under my belt before I could see the bounty I truly had each day.

Each year, during the holidays, mostly, when everyone begins their annual festival of love for mankind, I start to take stock of what I have and the resulting inventory calms my need to amass and achieve.


I want all the things

A true classic.


By the time my birthday rolls around a month later, it usually grows beyond a list of the material things that become the hallmark of our socioeconomic status and includes things those silver lining spotters are so in touch with every day. Little things we often take for granted or aren’t sure anyone else values enough for them to be important to us. These are the things that keep my perspective in check.

So in honor of that growth and to celebrate my 39th year, in no particular order, I offer the 39 silver linings I am now able to see and fully appreciate.

  1. I have a husband who treats me as his equal.
  2. I have a healthy daughter.
  3. My mother moved to be closer to us.
  4. My in-laws moved to be closer to us.
  5. I know my family loves me.
  6. I have friends.
  7. I have a good paying, steady, full-time job.
  8. I am good at what I do.
  9. I feel respected by my colleagues.
  10. I am allowed to write what I feel.
  11. Sometimes my words have made people laugh or smile.
  12. I am breathing.
  13. My health is improving.
  14. I can see.
  15. I can hear.
  16. All of my parts work.
  17. I have access to good quality medical care.
  18. I have health insurance.
  19. I can afford health insurance.
  20. My debt is shrinking, albeit glacially.
  21. I can afford to pay my bills on time, consistently.
  22. I own my house.
  23. I have a proper bed.
  24. There is food in my refrigerator and pantry.
  25. I have convenient, reliable access to food an water.
  26. There are clean, size appropriate clothes in my closet.
  27. I have appropriately fitting shoes for my feet.
  28. I have a warm coat.
  29. I can wear what I choose every day.
  30. I have properly functioning indoor plumbing with clean water.
  31. I have Internet access in my home.
  32. I own a laptop and a mobile phone.
  33. I have a car.
  34. I do not fear for my safety.
  35. I am well educated.
  36. I am allowed to go to school.
  37. I live in a country that affords me more choices and freedoms than many others.
  38. I am allowed to have a voice in the way my country and state are governed.
  39. I am happy.

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