French fries

Girls Just Wanna Have Their Own Plate of Fries

Today a bunch of Trader Joe’s Wheat Crisps soaked up my feelings and it felt amazing. It would only have been better had they sidled up to a personal-pan-sized wheel of Brie with some raspberry jam and gone all in.

Work has been rough lately.

Oh, you too? (Hugs)

Usually I can give the Mondays a swift kick in the can and get over it, but lately it’s been a little more than I can handle. I can barely breathe and every time someone walks over to my desk I get tense and think of all the ways this is going to completely throw me off track. This is not the way I normally receive my colleagues and I’m betting they’ve noticed the service level has dropped just a little more south of friendly than usual on my side of the wall.

Home isn’t much better and I have got to figure out how to get Miss O a solid night of sleep so Mama can get her a FULL NIGHT of sleep and stop doing my best impression of a snapping turtle. Even I’m getting tired of my cranky meter set to stun every morning and all the coffee in the world won’t get me to where I’d like to be lately.

I know this will pass. NO, I DO NOT NEED THERAPY. I need sleep and a break. Possibly a vacation. Although if left on my own for a few days, I’d probably sleep…alone…in a huge bed…on an island…alone.

My sister-in-law and I are cooking up a girls’ weekend, which sounds divine, until we both realize how little time and attention we can actually give the planning phase or how little money we actually have.  “Make it drizzle” sounds so much less motivating. We will, however, make something happen even if it means driving one exit down the pike and shopping on our own for one whole day. Maybe we’ll go truly crazy and eat all of our own food that we ordered without thinking of what some one else’s tummy might want to eat when their tummy doesn’t want whatever their mouth said it wanted off the kids menu because I’m coloring right now Mommy.

Kids Menu

Honestly, some of my most Zen moments occur in Target when Hubs says “Why don’t I take her to go visit the toys for a minute.” YES. OH MY GOODNESS. SO. MUCH. YES. Both of you go over to that side of the store RIGHT NOW. If I can’t be here entirely on my own, give me one whole minute = fifteen minutes over here BY MYSELF. I know I’m not the only person who gets this. Go visit Becky and her friends at Scissortail Silk. She totally gets it.

Yes, that is absolutely the amount of joy on my face in these moments. I know you're jealous. I am too.

Yes, that is absolutely the amount of joy on my face in these moments. I know you’re jealous. I am too.

I don’t even really care what my sister-in-law and I end up doing, unless it involves running…or cleaning…or cooking. None of that stuff. The only question I really want to answer is “would you like another round?” The thought alone is enough to sustain me. Well, maybe thoughts and a few more Wheat Crisps.

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