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One Glorious Moment

In one glorious moment, I became someone else. It’s a grand statement for a relatively insignificant experience, but sometimes big shifts start with small moments.

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You’re a wonder…Wonder Woman!

I realize it’s been an absolute age since I sent my thoughts out to the internets, but I’ve been kind of busy with life and grad school. There will be so much more on that in another post. Today is about me geeking out and flying my woman flag so incredibly high. Thanks to Nerdist, I have been blessed with the trailer for the Wonder Woman movie that should have existed so many years ago. Today my inner woman-child grew 10 times larger and danced like she’s never danced before. Continue reading

The Elusive Date Day

As I sit here reveling in a glorious half hour all to my sweet self, my thoughts turn to my impending “Date Day” with my husband. How did I score 30 whole minutes, you ask? My mother is working again this morning, so he offered again to take Miss O for a stroll. He really wants this date day. This time, I took my own advice and planted my bum firmly on this couch.

So…back to Date Day #2.

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