wonder woman invisible jet Lynda Linda carter

You’re a wonder…Wonder Woman!

I realize it’s been an absolute age since I sent my thoughts out to the internets, but I’ve been kind of busy with life and grad school. There will be so much more on that in another post. Today is about me geeking out and flying my woman flag so incredibly high. Thanks to Nerdist, I have been blessed with the trailer for the Wonder Woman movie that should have existed so many years ago. Today my inner woman-child grew 10 times larger and danced like she’s never danced before.

I wish my heart could stop pounding and my tears could stop rolling long enough for me to be articulate, but that’s not what this feels like. While I never got into the Wonder Woman comics, I adored watching Linda Carter twirl like nobody’s business on TV when I was a kid in the early eighties. I still stand like her, so naturally, hands on hips, chin slightly raised and a just-try-it-smirk. If only my hair were as perfect or my waist as tiny.


Photo Credit: O&M

That show was a brilliant-for-all-its-camp feminist romp that help shore up my burgeoning beliefs that girls could do anything boys could do. I must have spun myself silly pretending to change into that amazing beacon of wisdom and hope, and my invisible jet parked right next to our garage under the huge oak tree. Linda Carter was (and is – does she not age at all?!) perfect in every way. I think she is the reason for my lip-gloss addiction in middle-school.

Friends, I cannot tell you how my hopes were lifted when I saw the trailer for Batman vs Superman with the final shot of the newest incarnation of Wonder Woman and all the potential ass-kicks Gal Gadot brought to Princess Diana in full on battle pose. This was the ray of light I didn’t know I needed when I originally heard some fool finally decided to make a movie so long overdue. Go on, watch it again.Pro tip: Jump to 2:39 if you’d rather not watch the boys bicker.

I know. I really do. That moment when you actually think someone won’t completely screw up her film and make her into some chippy chasing after Steve the whole time. No hate on Steve, but seriously, can a sister just have her moment, please?


That shield. Those boots. Do not even get me started on those boots.

I could watch this all day. In fact, when Miss O came downstairs to my office wearing her Wonder Woman shirt (no lie, people) waving her bored flag, I immediately cued it up. She is so enamored of superheroes lately and I am thrilled that she has embraced Wonder Woman over Captain America, only because I want her to know that they are both solid choices and she doesn’t have to like Wonder Woman or Black Widow just because she’s a girl and so are they.

No, what I want is for her to see, is exactly what I saw; a representation of a strong female figure -confident, poised, and articulate. You are welcome to through in sexy as all hell as well, because that’s ok. There is not one thing wrong with how she is dressed as Wonder Woman or Princess Diana. In fact, that’s one of the things I love about it. She’s a warrior and she’s feminine. The two are not mutually exclusive.

I am not ashamed to say I cried watching that trailer and I’m crying again as I watch it again. That moment when the shot moves from watching her walk towards us as Princess Diana, so regal in a stunning, feminine, drapey blue dress and suddenly cuts to the same scene watching her walk away from us showing her sword strapped to her back underneath, reminding us that Princess Diana is a warrior, too. She is both, always.

But where I fell in love?

“What I do is not up to you.”


Now you know what I’m looking forward to and if I could build a time machine to the future, I would take you all with me into next summer so we wouldn’t have to loose our minds waiting. I don’t even care of the rest of the movie stinks. I’m sold.

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