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Collecting Autographs: Magic Kingdom Day 2

Our final park day of our first family trip to Disney World came all too quickly. Miss O had one more day to finish her mission to collect all the Disney Princess autographs. We had amazing success in Animal Kingdom, our first day at the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. Even though Hollywood Studios wasn’t a hit, we still met a few friends there, too. When we started, I was hoping Miss O would get one or two, but wouldn’t push her if she didn’t want to. Now we were determined to meet our final Princesses and maybe find a few extra friends. After four long, fun-packed days, I hoped we’d all make it long enough to see it through.

We began our second day at Magic Kingdom with Extra Magic Hours, and were finished with most of the rides in classic Fantasyland by 8:45 AM. We had FastPass+ reservations to meet Cinderella and Elena around lunchtime, so after we repeated a few more rides in Fantasyland we queued up to meet Merida at Fairytale Gardens just before her first scheduled time that morning and way earlier than I had on our park plan for the day.

Brave is one of my favorite movies and even though it’s not one of Miss O’s, she still wanted ALL the Princesses to sign the autograph banner I made for her. The wait to meet Merida was blissfully short and it was early enough that it wasn’t too hot yet. When it was our turn to go up, Merida was admiring Miss O’s curls and I found myself wishing I had let mine loose that morning.

As soon as Merida saw my Dunbroch Archery Academy shirt she got excited and asked the PhotoPass photographer to take my picture too. I’m not so great at having my picture taken, but it was a pretty great moment. While signing our banner, Merida asked us if we’d seen her brothers because they’re always running around somewhere. We goggled because Mr. A, Miss O’s cousin, is the same way. As Merida signed, she told Miss O to close her eyes while she hid an arrow somewhere on our banner. We giggled some more. Meeting Merida was fantastic and one of our favorite character interactions.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Merida Brave Fairytale Garden Character Meet and Greet

Because our meet and greet with Merida went so quickly, we had plenty of time to get back on track with our park plan and explore Adventureland and Frontierland before our FastPass+ window with Elena and Cinderella that afternoon.

When our time to meet Cinderella and Elena arrived, we were still in good spirits. As we made our way into the FastPass+ line at Fairytale Hall it became very clear that a FastPass+ reservation was definitely the way to go when meeting these two. There was a line about 10 families deep this time and I didn’t dare wonder how long the regular line was.

We didn’t wait nearly as long as I expected, maybe five minutes, and as we made our way inside, I thought I heard Miss O stop breathing. I knew she was ok when I felt her jumping up and down beside me. I honestly couldn’t tell who Miss O was more excited to see! She’s watched Cinderella a million times, but is absolutely devoted to Elena’s show on the Disney Now app.

When it was our turn, Miss O practically ran to Elena’s side. Elena was amazing and this girl was clearly feeling it that day. She chatted with Miss O about Isabelle’s inventions, which is something Miss O adores about the show and could not have been more perfect for her interaction. When Elena commented that Miss O’s hair was like hers, that sent Miss O over the edge and you could literally see her heart bursting. I may or may not have started tearing up at that point.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Elena of Avalor Fairytale Hall Character Meet and Greet

I got myself together in time to make the transition to Cinderella’s side of the room, although I almost forgot to scan my magic band. Cinderella is so iconic it’s awfully hard not to get emotional when I see her. Miss O’s first Disney Princess movie was Cinderella and I’m sure that set a certain standard for Miss O on what it means to be a Princess.

I will admit, I was a little worried this experience would be wasted on Miss O, since we met Cinderella during the Princess Storybook Dining character breakfast at Akershus in Epcot a couple of days earlier.

I assure you this was worth every minute. Our Cinderella was amazing and did not miss a beat when I “reminded” her that she already signed Miss O’s banner at the breakfast. She nodded her head yes, put on a huge smile like she was seeing an old friend and asked if we enjoyed the rest of our day. Miss O beamed. Thank you, amazing Disney cast members.

Cinderella asked Miss O if she liked animals, and of course Miss O adores all animals, so they chatted about Gus Gus and Jacques again. Who doesn’t want darling animal helpers? Miss O was in awe once again and declared Cinderella “beeeeeaaaaauuuuutiful with her sparkly dress, her beautiful necklace and her pretty hair.” We got some fantastic pictures and it was absolutely worth the repeat visit. Like I said. She’s literally the royal standard for princesses.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Cinderella Fairytale Hall Character Meet and Greet

As we giggled our way out of Fairytale Hall and into the gift shop, I could not believe we actually met every Princess. Miss O’s banner was full and I was so proud of her for letting go of her shyness and embracing the magic. I will truly cherish those memories forever.

On our way out for the day, before we returned that night for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, I checked the Disney app to see the wait time for Tinker Bell. It was 10 minutes, which unless you get there right at the opening or closing, is the best it’s usually going to get all day.  I asked if Miss O wanted to meet Tinker Bell for one last autograph. She was tired, but decided to go for it.

Unfortunately, that 10 minutes turned in to more like 20 minutes because of all the FastPass+ holders. I checked to see if there were any FastPasses available before we got in the line, but there weren’t any available. Hubs and I made a silent agreement that if Miss O wanted to bail, we’d have no problem stepping out of line.

At last our turn came and we stepped into the Pixie Dust room before we met Tink. That was totally worth it and perked Miss O right up. As we waited in Pixie Hollow, Miss O played around the lost things and I was so happy we’d be able to fit a visit with Tink in before we had to go.

Our turn came up, Tink came to greet us and as she was signing the banner Tink commented on Miss O’s Mickey Bar ears. She asked what they tasted like. Oh no. I saw the sadness creep across Miss O’s face. She didn’t have any humor left in her. I was prepared for Tink to say something about Miss O’s Pirates of the Caribbean shirt, one of Miss O’s favorites, but I wasn’t ready for this. I knelt down and assured her that Tink was curious, just like Miss O. I reminded Miss O that maybe Tink hadn’t seen ears like these yet. Tink chimed in with assurances that she was, in fact, curious and the best Tinker there is. Nice save, Tink, thank you!

And then she went back to the ears.

So close. We were so close to getting it back.

I managed to talk Miss O into giving it another try and we managed to salvage the visit with some great pictures. Miss O assured me that she still likes Tinker Bell, but she wished she hadn’t talked about her ears. You can’t win them all, right?

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Tinker Bell Character Meet and Greet

Overall, we had an amazing time and all the characters were great. I still can’t believe we met all of the Princesses! Miss O and I have some fantastic memories we can share and she wants to “say hi to the Princesses again when we go back.”

Oh, um, ok…I guess I’d better to get to work on that…

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