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Collecting Autographs: Epcot

When I scheduled our character breakfast at Akershus in Epcot, I had no idea if Miss O would want to meet the Princesses or not, let alone have half our autograph banner filled by the time we got there!  While I was over the moon with our success so far, I still wasn’t pushing her into meeting characters as a priority of our trip. As it turned out, Miss O was on a mission to fill that banner and meet every Princess Disney had to offer.

The first day of our trip started at Animal Kingdom and was a huge success with Miss O’s first ever character greeting. We spent the second day of our trip at the Magic Kingdom, one of two days at that park, and had a great time meeting Princesses at Fairytale Hall. We were off to a great start filling the autograph banner I made for this trip. I honestly didn’t think we’d have gotten so many before the character breakfast and started to get nervous Miss O wouldn’t be interested in it anymore, especially if she met any Princesses she’d already met. I still wasn’t sure who would actually be at the breakfast other than Belle in her yellow dress. We hadn’t met her yet and we knew we’d like to meet her, so I figured at that point, we’d just roll with it.

I knew my nephew had zero interest in meeting any Princesses so my in-laws decided to meet us in the park later that morning. Unlike the first two days, Hubs joined us for the character greetings this time and it was fun to watch him watch Miss O around the characters. We had a great time at the breakfast and Miss O couldn’t care less that she’d already met some of the Princesses. It was a fun experience and put us in a great position to start our day at Epcot right next to the Royal Sommerhaus to meet Anna & Elsa.

The Royal Sommerhaus is so cute! The line was only a few people long and the wait wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d heard. Going early in the morning is definitely the way to go, though I suspect going when we did helped tremendously here, too. By now, Miss O and I were meet and greet pros, so we knew what to do and were ready to go when we were ushered into the next room. It’s still a little overwhelming to see these women in real life though and I swear Miss O’s breath caught when she saw Elsa.

I knew Miss O’s heart belonged to Elsa, but I love Anna and I’d heard some really great stories about her interactions. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing that morning, but I have to say, I think Anna needed some more hot chocolate that morning. Miss O didn’t say anything, but I could tell she felt the difference between her experiences the day before at Magic Kingdom. We still have love for Anna and got some good pictures and an autograph.

Walt Disney World Epcot Anna Frozen Royal Sommerhaus Character Meet and Greet

Elsa, on the other hand, was in her moment. The guest before us gave her a stuffed Olaf and it really made her morning. I sort of felt sorry for Anna. It must be tough to stand next to a Queen all day, knowing that half the kids in your line are really just there to see her.

Miss O was almost hit with an attack of shyness, but I realized it’s because of just how much she loves Elsa. Elsa clearly felt it, too, and started encouraging Miss O with some fun poses. There’s nothing Miss O loves more than showing off her “ice hands” pose. Well played, Elsa. Well played.

Walt Disney World Epcot Elsa Frozen Royal Sommerhaus Character Meet and Greet

The only Princesses left for us to meet that day were Mulan and Jasmine. By then, Hubs was also very on board to get his little girl’s banner filled, so we knew we had to shift our plan and figure out how to meet both Princesses that day and set our sights on Mulan in the China Pavillion.

As we made our way to China, the sky started to turn grey and we knew the daily storm was coming. We were only in line about 5 minutes when they moved Mulan’s line into the pavilion. It’s gorgeous so I wasn’t complaining. The line moved quickly once Mulan arrived and we were waiting maybe 10 minutes total. I know Miss O loved Mulan’s robes, but I think she was secretly disappointed that she wasn’t dressed like a warrior. Perhaps Disney can consider a Ping meet and greet?

Walt Disney World Epcot Mulan ChinaCharacter Meet and Greet

Jasmine was next on our list and I never would have found her location were it not for Hubs, who was now totally invested in our endeavor. I love her lamp shop! It was so cute inside and one of my favorite locations. It’s a nice intimate setting and the theming is on point. Jasmine was fierce that day and definitely encouraging some female empowerment. She told Miss O that she’s not a prize to be won and hoped that she led with her strong heart. I instantly raised Jasmine in my ranks of Princesses. Miss O’s only regret? No Rajah. Suddenly I see a need for Jasmine at Animal Kingdom…

Walt Disney World Epcot Jasmine Aladdin Morocco Character Meet and Greet

It was a long rainy day in Epcot and there were so many more characters to meet, but we honestly couldn’t do it all. We settled on getting the Princesses’ autographs and told ourselves there’s always next time. Our next day was in Hollywood Studios exploring the new Toy Story Land and maybe meeting some friends from Star Wars. My main concern was that we were starting to run out of room on a banner I once worried might look silly with one or two autographs!

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